Drop GHC 7.10 compatibility

Authored by RyanGlScott on Jul 23 2017, 10:34 AM.



GHC 8.2.1 is out, so now GHC's support window only extends back to
GHC 8.0. This means we can delete gobs of code that was only used for GHC
7.10 support. Hooray!

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I wasn't sure what to do here. Do you think we should drop this alias and instead re-export GHC.Stack.HasCallStack?


Similarly, should we drop prettyCurrentCallStack and just re-export GHC.Stack.prettyCallStack instead?

Oh, it appears the Harbormaster builder is still using GHC 7.10, which is certainly a problem here :)

bgamari edited edge metadata.Jul 23 2017, 12:01 PM

I'll try to update the builders today.

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Sounds like a plan to me.


I believe that Outputable.callStackDoc is the only use-site of this. Perhaps just inline it there and drop it here.

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  • CallStack cleanup

After restarting the Harbormaster build with GHC 8.2.1 as the bootstrapping compiler, the build seems to pass (except on OS X, but the failure there seems unrelated to these changes).

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When this is pushed should also update the wiki instructions and send an email.
Preferably with a bit of lead time, people probably have build setups to change.

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Fwiw, D3757 drops support for GHC < 8 as well (and also takes care of updating configure.ac; luckily this patch doesn't modify configure.ac, so there's no merge-conflict between this Diff and D3757 :-) )

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Looks good to me. Thanks @RyanGlScott!

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