WIP: Make SpecConstr work across modules
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Authored by mpickering on May 10 2017, 9:53 AM.


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This enables the SpecConst transformation to work
across modules. I mostly copied and modified code from the normal specialiser
and it seems to work. Here to validate and get feedback.


  • Work out what SpecConstr actually does
  • Add a test
  • Clean up the mostly copied implementation
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  • Remove traces
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Reversing isn't free. Do you really have to do it twice here?


There's an awful lot of very lazy-looking stuff going on in goEnv. Could you maybe add a comment explaining why we want that, or alternatively why it's less lazy than it looks? Or just remove it:

let !(env', bind') = ...
    !(env'', binds') = ...
in ...
dfeuer added inline comments.May 16 2017, 2:01 AM

This do is currently redundant.


Is there a reason for all the lazy pattern matches in scTopBindEnv?

Thanks for looking David but I'm not sure this patch works properly yet at all. Do you have an idea of a small test I could add?

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Matthew, I have not done a detailed review, but it looks as if you are following the pattern in Specialise.hs. Can you write an overview Note explaining the goal, with an example, and pointing to where things happen.


Why wasn't this necessary before?

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Bumping out of the review queue for now.

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@mpickering, perhaps you want to move this to GitLab?