Render \t as 8 spaces in caret diagnostics

Authored by Rufflewind on May 8 2017, 4:12 PM.

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Perhaps we should have a test for this?

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Please add some comments about why this is necessary (with a reference to the ticket number).


Technically a tab character should advance to the next multiple of 8 relative to the start of the original source line. Since non-leading tabs are rather rare, it seems fine to not implement this but it would be good to include a comment about the fact that you don't.

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Hm, it seems testing is not as straightforward – I think the stderr normaliser turns tabs into 8 spaces? So it can't really tell the difference between the two…

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Fix fixWhitespace and also the tests

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I tweaked the testlib a little bit to allow changing the whitespace-normaliser.

Also, how do you silence the linter?


This was an oversight and has been fixed.

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Looks good to me.

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Also, how do you silence the linter?

It's unfortunately not easy. Just ignore him.

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Er, wait. Won't this turn a line that starts with "\t\t" into 8+7 spaces? That seems even worse than before.

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