WIP: Implement string merging on Windows
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Authored by Phyx on Mar 26 2017, 3:25 PM.


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Implement string merging on Windows by using
COMDAT sections and an MD5 hash to generate
the section names.

The idea is to have the NCG generate identically
named sections for identical strings and have the
linker drop the duplicates and then merge the sections
back together.

Test Plan


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What ever happened to this, @Phyx?

Phyx added a comment.Jun 11 2018, 12:40 PM

@bgamari it relies on gc-sections working, however do to Trac #15051 it may be time to see about getting split-sections and gc-sections working properly. On x64 it should be working just terribly slow, but my own binutils fork should be much faster. https://github.com/mistuke/binutils-gdb

but x86 has no gc-sections support last checked. The problem I have still not been able to sort out is me contributing back such code upstream...