Experimentally run ST in a fake world
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Authored by dfeuer on Mar 23 2017, 2:34 AM.



Currently, ST actions are instantiated at s = RealWorld when
run. We'd really like to treat ST and IO somewhat differently
for demand analysis, which means we need to have a way to distinguish
them. The most conservative option seems to be to use a different
State# token type.

This commit experimentally (and with a big hammer) adds a new
FakeWorld primitive type, a fakeWorld# :: State# FakeWorld
primitive token, and a runFW# (run in a fake world) token.
It then uses runFW# to implement runST. Let's see what happens.

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What needs to happen to finish this up, @dfeuer?


It really seems like this should share code with runRWId.

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It seems like ST should be mentioned here.

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Is this still pertinent?


Is this an exact copy of the above code (except for fakeWorldPrimId)? How about a local refactoring?

Is this still pertinent?

Perhaps, but it requires a tad more work since Core Prep currently doesn't do any substitution in types (which we must do to instantiate State#'s argument) . I think we want to preserve this property, so we would likely need to do something like adding a substitution in the runFW# case in cpeApp.


I agree. @dfeuer, in my local branch where I debugged this I refactored this to,

-- Given an expression @runRW# arg arg1 .. argN@, construct
-- @arg realWorld# arg1 .. argN@, beta reducing if possible.
apply_realWorld :: CorePrepEnv -> CoreExpr -> [ArgInfo] -> Int -> UniqSM (Floats, CpeRhs)
apply_realWorld env arg args depth =
  pprTrace "apply_reawlWorld" (ppr arg $$ ppr args $$ ppr env) $
  case arg of
    Lam s body  ->
      let env'  = extendCorePrepEnv env s realWorldPrimId
      in cpe_app env' body args (depth - 1)
    _           ->
      let args' = CpeApp (Var realWorldPrimId) : args
      in cpe_app env  arg  args' depth

With the appropriate rewrites of the cases in cpe_app.

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What about a testcase?

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It looks like your base commit is incorrect.


This line should really be split up at some point. I'll take care of this after merging this.

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Base commit again.

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I realize this is kind of inconvenient to change, but I would be happier if we just called this thing stWorld#, runST#, etc. rather than having to remember the trivia that fakeWorld# is used for ST.

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