Fix stderr files for tests T12429 and T12811

Authored by rwbarton on Mar 3 2017, 6:54 AM.



These were created using the wrong format.

Test Plan


rwbarton created this revision.Mar 3 2017, 6:54 AM

Hi @ruperthorlick, thanks for your work on these two tickets!

It looks like you created the .stderr file for these two tests by copying the output of something like inplace/bin/ghc-stage2 testsuite/tests/parser/should_fail/T12429.stderr. The test driver actually runs tests with a number of additional flags that affect the error output format, so the test was failing due to these slight inconsistencies. A better way to create the .stderr files is

cd testsuite/tests/parser/should_fail
make accept TEST="T12429 T12811"

This will create or update the .stderr files with the actual output from running the test. (Then look at the files to make sure it looks correct, of course!) For more information, see (Though this information is not on the "Adding new test cases" page, and it really should be! It's under "Updating test case results".)

Sorry for not noticing this earlier, the tree has been in a bit of a rough shape recently so the build failures were overlooked.

Hi @rwbarton,

You're welcome, it was my pleasure!

Thanks for fixing those up. I was going to ask about the outputs, because they looked different to other cases, but I thought it might be a new thing. Sorry for not checking first!

It would definitely be a good idea to update the "Adding new test cases" page though.

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Ahh, it looks like I just merged a similar patch. Thanks, though Rupert!