Generate better fp abs for X86 and llvm with default cmm otherwise

Authored by idontgetoutmuch on Mar 2 2017, 11:36 PM.



Currently we have this in libraries/base/GHC/Float.hs:

abs x | x == 0    = 0 -- handles (-0.0)
      | x >  0    = x
      | otherwise = negateFloat x

But 3-4 years ago it was noted that this was inefficient:

We can generate better code for X86 and llvm and for others generate some custom cmm code which is similar to what the compiler generates now.

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Add correct cmm.

Generate better fp abs for X86 and llvm with default cmm otherwise.

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	xorps %xmm1,%xmm1
	ucomiss %xmm1,%xmm0
	jp _c41v
	je _c41w
	xorps %xmm1,%xmm1
	ucomiss %xmm1,%xmm0
	ja _c41t
	leaq GHC.Types.F#_con_info(%rip),%rax
	movq %rax,-8(%r12)
	movss _n41H(%rip),%xmm1
	xorps %xmm1,%xmm0
	movss %xmm0,(%r12)
	leaq -7(%r12),%rbx
	addq $-16,%rbp
	jmp *(%rbp)
	addq $-16,%r12
	leaq GHC.Float.rationalToFloat4_closure(%rip),%rbx
	addq $-16,%rbp
	jmp *(%rbx)

is replaced with

	movss _n40P(%rip),%xmm1
	andps %xmm1,%xmm0

and llvm actually has llvm.fabs.f32 and llvm.fabs.f64.

Address comment.

Address comment.

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I canceled the CI builds for several versions of this differential because our build bots are a bit swamped right now. If there were specific revisions you wanted built, feel free to restart those builds.

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Have you verified that the test suite includes tests for abs behavior, including for NaN and infinities? If not, we need to add them before merging this.


I doubt it matters, but you should be able to use <$> rather than liftM.


Is there no way to optimize this in 32-bit mode?


Why not add a function for this panic?

x@(II8) -> wrongFmt x
  wrongFmt x = panic $ "sse2NegCode: " ++ show x
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I couldn't find a test exercising floating-point abs so I added one D3273.


I suspect we should use isSse2Enabled here instead of is32Bit; this would at least give us better behavior on some 32-bit platforms.

With respect to x87, it does provide a fabs instructor but I'm fine with punting on this. Pre-SSE chips are pretty rare nowadays and if someone really cares they can always submit a patch.

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This looks great save the one inline comment.

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I think just replacing is32Bit with isSse2Enabled addresses both comments. Let me know if this is incorrect.

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Comments addressed.

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Yes, I believe so (modulo the x87-only case).

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Is it correct to say unsupported ? Seems more like it should be an impossible error for those cases. Cause you're just generating it early.

I do think for the c backend it probably makes more sense to do the abs function directly, but it probably doesn't matter too much


Why aren't we making sure the c backend has the correct code ?

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Yes, this was indeed a bug and it has been fixed in master.