Make clearNursery free

Authored by simonmar on Oct 7 2014, 5:21 AM.



clearNursery resets all the bd->free pointers of nursery blocks to
make the blocks empty. In profiles we've seen clearNursery taking
significant amounts of time particularly with large -N and -A values.

This patch moves the work of clearNursery to the point at which we
actually need the new block, thereby introducing an invariant that
blocks to the right of the CurrentNursery pointer still need their
bd->free pointer reset. This should make things faster overall,
because we don't need to clear blocks that we don't use.

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This is great; I recently cooked a similar patch but I didn't handle the reporting properly.

I think this solves

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fix a bug

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Cool! Do we have any benchmarks?

Looks good to me, though I'm a bit rusty now on some of the code involved so I may not spot problems.

I'm going to run some benchmarks before I commit.

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