Add flag allowing convenient disabling of terminfo support

Authored by bgamari on Feb 23 2017, 10:03 AM.



This is a common thing that users who cross-compile must fight against. It turns
out that it's pretty straightforward to make is convenient.

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Cross compile without a target ncurses available

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In the scenario you care about you probably do have a terminfo C library available for the host, just not for the target. Probably it would be better if WITH_TERMINFO only controlled the stage2 compiler build?

It doesn't seem like you ever set WITH_TERMINFO to YES, though?




You build ghc-pkg with terminfo when bootstrapping now. It's not clear to me whether this will work given that terminfo is also a bootstrapping library. Do we need the bootstrapping ghc-pkg to install it locally?


Same comment about stage 1 vs stage 2 here.

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Sorry @rwbarton, I think you may have reviewed the patch while it was still in flux. Nevertheless a few of your comments are still valid. I'll fix them and let you know when this is ready for another round.


That is a fair point.

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Address Reid's comments

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It's done in, but that change was mistakenly omitted from the version of the patch you reviewed.



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I now ensure that WITH_TERMINFO is undefined when BOOTSTRAPPING is set. It's not exactly pretty, but it ought to work.

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Other than the above LGTM.


Should be dist-install rather than stage2 I think.

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Another stage issue. We set $(WITH_TERMINFO) according to $(Windows_Target) which corresponds to it controlling the target only. And the meaning of this line is different now when the build is "cross-Windows" (i.e. cross-compiling to Windows from another platform or vice versa).

I think this line should stay the same (or add a WITH_TERMINFO_STAGE0, though it hardly seems necessary).

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