Support abs as a primitive operation on floating point numbers.

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Test Plan

See testsuite/tests/numeric/should_run/T13212.hs

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You need to modify the all.T file in this directory to get the test to actually run.

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looks like in some cases this change *could* be a regression, or at least its not clear that its a win to make it a foreign call vs doing the suitable bitwise and masking as Reid and I have discussed


this should be fabsf if we're actually just calling the C code ...

But... as Reid and I have discussed... theres better straight up bit fiddling code in many cases


for sparc are we just calling c codes? (as with ppc?)


as reid and I discussed, you probably dont want to change it to be using the c calls at this point... we actually want the bit wise and masking appraoch


same here ... should be the bitwise and mask


i dont think we want it to be a foreign call ... at least on most tier 1 architectures...


foreign call again ..

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