Add dump-parsed-ast flag and functionality

Authored by alanz on Jan 11 2017, 4:07 AM.



This flag causes a dump of the ParsedSource as an AST in textual form, similar
to the ghc-dump-tree on hackage.

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Just a few minor points.


Oops, cut-and-paste error!

Let's give this a proper Haddock module comment. I suspect we want to keep the copyright notices in a separate, non-Haddock comment though.


Out of curiosity, why doesn't this use Doc?


Minor point: We do we switch between separate signature/binding and binding-with-type-annotation styles? Seems like we should stick with the former.


Let's be explicit: s/AST/syntax tree/

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It probably should. I have been using it this way for a while in various projects, and just copied it over. Will update to do so.


The whole thing is shamelessly copied from

Which means I need to get an ok from @nominolo before it goes in.

But I will make it consistent.

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Looking more closely, sometimes (e.g. for a Var) it uses the debug print, other times the normal one.

Also, the normalizeLines routine needs to be inline so that the tests can pass on windows and Linux.

I am not sure that we would gain much by converting it to a SDoc.

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Fixing according to @bgamari comments. And rebase.

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1 comment, otherwise looks good!


Why are these exported?

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I figured they could be useful elsewhere too. Otherwise no specific reason.

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@bgamari Are you happy with my changes? I would like to land this.

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Rebase and make @mpickering happy

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