Replace -fshow-source-paths with -fhide-source-paths

Authored by hsyl20 on Nov 18 2016, 10:14 AM.



This patch reverts the change introduced with
587dcccfdfa7a319e27300a4f3885071060b1f8e and restores the previous default output
of GHC (i.e., show source path and object path for each compiled module).

The -fhide-source-paths flag can be used to hide these paths and reduce the line

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If the others on the ticket agree that this is an improvement then this looks fine to me.

However, two things:

  1. Update the users guide (using-warnings.rst IIRC)
  2. Update expected testsuite output
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  • Fix tests
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@hsyl20 Thanks for going through the hassle to rework the code yet again!

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