Fix a bug in parallel GC synchronisation

Authored by simonmar on Oct 28 2016, 10:49 AM.



The problem boils down to global variables: in particular gc_threads[],
which was being modified by a subsequent GC before the previous GC had
finished with it. The fix is to not use global variables.

This was causing setnumcapabilities001 to fail (again!). It's an old
bug though.

Test Plan

Ran setnumcapabilities001 in a loop for a couple of hours. Before this
patch it had been failing after a few minutes. Not a very scientific
test, but it's the best I have.

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Death to global state!

Good catch. One comment inline.


It would be nice if there were a comment attached to this explaining that it is in correspondence to the capabilities and that true indicates that that capability is sitting idle during this parallel GC.

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Looks good to me.