typecheck: Load unfoldings lazily
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Authored by bgamari on Oct 17 2016, 10:00 PM.


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This carries out the refactoring proposed in Trac #9370, comment 28.
Previously -fignore-interface-pragmas would disable typechecking of unfoldings
loaded from interface files during deserialization. This would mean that
changes in the state of this flag would not take effect after a module's
interface file has been loaded, leading to unpredictable behavior when
compiling programs which set this flag on a per-module basis.

Here we rework interface file loading such that unfoldings are always loaded,
but type-checked lazily. We then disable inlining in the simplifier when
-fignore-interface-pragmas is set.

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I like that this patch mainly deletes code!

But the ticket has a long discussion, laziness is important, so it all needs a proper Note to explain.

Have you checked that without -O those unfoldings really are not typechecked? In practice.

Is there any perf impace in the no -O case?



This needs a major Note to explain!!! So small, so elegant (if that's really it!), but needs attention drawn to it.

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Agreed; I really just wanted to see whether this validated on Harbormaster. There's quite a bit of documentation that needs to be done.

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This needs more work.

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