StgCmmPrim: Add missing write barrier.

Authored by trommler on Sep 11 2016, 3:19 AM.



On architectures with weak memory consistency a write barrier
is needed before the write to the pointer array.

Fixes Trac #12469

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rebuilt Stackage nightly twice on powerpc64le

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How could that even be wrong?

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This line needs to be before mkBasicIndexedWrite, because the purpose is to ensure that the heap writes for the object referred to by val have happened before we write val into the array, and make it visible to other cores. Also add a comment with the ticket number.

Also note that the comment here says "write barrier" but it is talking about a different kind of write barrier: the GC kind.

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I suppose that's why we have more than one person reviewing these things.

Since the placement of that write barrier is so important, I'd love to have some comments there explaining it.

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Sorry, I only saw your comment today. Phab did not send emails for your comment and @erikd 's second comment.

Issuing a write barrier like you say makes sense to me, but I wonder if the order of the stores done by mkBasicIndexedWrite (above) and emit $ mkstore ... (below) matters. Without the barrier PowerPC would be allowed to reorder those two stores.

Does a GC kind write barrier mean that the instruction above (emit (setInfo...) must be made visible to the garbage collector thread before the store below (emit $ mkStore ...)?

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  • Move write barrier and add comment
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Inline comment done.

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Looks good to me. Thanks @trommler!

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