AST Annotations [Abandoned]

Authored by alanz on Sep 26 2014, 8:55 AM.


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Note: This diff has been abandoned in favour of D297.

Replacing Located with GenLocated, with a type parameter

The heart of the change is in SrcLoc which introduces

class (Outputable l, OutputableBndr l) => ApiAnnotation l where
    annGetSpan :: l -> SrcSpan
    annSetSpan :: l -> SrcSpan -> l
    annNoSpan  :: l

annNoLoc :: (ApiAnnotation l) => e -> GenLocated l e
annNoLoc e = L annNoSpan e

annGetLoc :: (ApiAnnotation l) => GenLocated l e -> SrcSpan
annGetLoc (L l _) = annGetSpan l

annSetLoc :: (ApiAnnotation l) => GenLocated l e -> SrcSpan -> GenLocated l e
annSetLoc (L l e) ss = L (annSetSpan l ss) e

annFromSpan :: (ApiAnnotation l) => SrcSpan -> l
annFromSpan s = annSetSpan annNoSpan s

instance ApiAnnotation SrcSpan where
  annGetSpan l = l
  annSetSpan _ ss = ss
  annNoSpan = noSrcSpan

instance OutputableBndr SrcSpan where
  pprPrefixOcc = ppr
  pprInfixOcc = ppr

The rest is working this through as a type parameter through all of hsSyn and repercussions.

Test Plan
sh ./validate

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rGHC Glasgow Haskell Compiler
Lint ErrorsExcuse: preexisting
Errorcompiler/deSugar/DsArrows.lhs:25TXT2Tab Literal
Errorcompiler/deSugar/DsBinds.lhs:27TXT2Tab Literal
Errorcompiler/deSugar/DsUtils.lhs:22TXT2Tab Literal
Errorcompiler/deSugar/MatchCon.lhs:22TXT2Tab Literal
Warningcompiler/basicTypes/SrcLoc.lhs:190TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/basicTypes/SrcLoc.lhs:200TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/Check.lhs:211TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/Check.lhs:619TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/Coverage.lhs:123TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/Coverage.lhs:417TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/Coverage.lhs:654TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/Desugar.lhs:199TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/Desugar.lhs:405TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/DsArrows.lhs:547TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/DsArrows.lhs:548TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/DsArrows.lhs:1094TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/DsArrows.lhs:1105TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/DsExpr.lhs:554TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/DsExpr.lhs:802TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/DsGRHSs.lhs:60TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/DsListComp.lhs:85TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/DsMonad.lhs:215TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/DsMonad.lhs:234TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/DsMonad.lhs:371TXT3Line Too Long
Warningcompiler/deSugar/DsUtils.lhs:268TXT3Line Too Long
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Too intrusive.

I learned a lot about how GHC hangs together inside, at least.

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