Derive instances in Data.Data

Authored by RyanGlScott on Jun 1 2016, 2:48 PM.



Currently, none of the Data instances in Data.Data are derived,
which has resulted in hundreds of lines of laboriously hand-written Data
instances. This cleans it up by using DeriveDataTypeable to derive all of
the boring instances.

Note that previously, tcTopSrcDecls in TcRnDriver was typechecking the
variables generated in deriving statements before other top-level variables,
which causes an error when DeriveDataTypeable is used in Data.Data, since
the deriving-generated variable definitions refer to top-level definitions
in Data.Data itself. To fix this, the order in which these two groups are
typechecked was reversed.

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Big win - but please put a changelog note about the constraint removal for Ratio - it can cause people warnings with the new redundant constraint machinery when people upgrade, so probably worth pointing out.

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No, this was specifically discussed in some mailing list thread and it was decided to use a hand-written instance rather than the derived instance which breaks the abstraction barrier (you can use the derived Data instance to construct a non-reduced Ratio a value).

12–13 ↗(On Diff #7807)

And remove this too.

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Okay, @rwbarton with the save as usual. But numeric/should_run/T10011.hs didn't catch this, which is clearly my fault somewhere, so we should look at that, too.


I forgot about this. For reference, this is Trac #10011.

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Also, this would be a good place to have a comment to that effect (and maybe a link to the thread).

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Actually, numeric/should_run/T10011.hs would have caught that, but I was too careless to bother running the full testsuite before submitting. My bad.


Ack, good catch. I've reverted back to the previous instance and added a comment explaining why it's implemented the way it is.

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