Refactor IfGblEnv/IfLclEnv to make more sense.

Authored by ezyang on May 13 2016, 2:02 AM.


Trac Issues

This in preparation for a fix for Trac #12035 but I ended up
cleaning up a bit of this code.

  • Now we have:
    • if_rec_types (in IfGblEnv)
    • if_self_types (in IfLclEnv)

      This is to keep typecheckIface's knot-tying (which can't go through EPS) separate from hs-boot knot-tying. This will prevent typecheckIface from clobbering any global hs-boot knot-tying we should keep around, which turns out to be important in the fix for Trac #12035.
  • I dropped IfLclEnv from DsGblEnv, since it didn't really make sense (IfLclEnv is set while we are typechecking an interface; we're definitely not typechecking an interface in this case!) To compensate I had to reimplement dsLookupGlobal, which in turn meant I had to factor out ifLookupGlobal from tcIfaceGlobal. The resulting code is longer but clearer, I think.
  • I axed initIfaceLcl; we just use initIfaceTc uniformly in all cases.
  • initIfaceTc now lives in the IfM monad rather than TcRnIf. This is Right(TM), because we want to preserve the IfGblEnv rather than initialize one from scratch.

Signed-off-by: Edward Z. Yang <>

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remove redundant import

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What ticket does this apply to? Supposedly Trac #12305 does not exist.

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Thanks for the comments; they definitely help clear up some questions. That being said I don't see a great explanation of why the typechecking-interface and not-typechecking-interface case should differ. Perhaps stating this more clearly in Note [Tying the knot] and referencing that note from here and tcIfGlobal would help?

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SPJ doesn't like this, so we're going to take a different approach.