Use stdint types to define SIZEOF and ALIGNMENT of INTx/WORDx

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Saves us a CPP #if in MachDeps.h since we now can always rely on a
64-bit type being available.

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Perhaps we want to keep these checks but instead test SIZEOF_INT*_T? I must say, I wouldn't necessary expect things to work as expected if int8_t isn't 1 byte; as far as I know these types are supposed to be fixed-width.

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This looks good but perhaps let's not drop the sanity check.

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int8_t is defined as exactly 8 bits / 1 byte. I don't think checking the size of those is necessary. If you feel we should do that then I suggest checking that in the configure script, where we check the presence of those types (like an additional sanity check to see if the platform really conforms to the C99 standard).

The only reason for keeping this code around that I can see: if other files in GHC depend on char/short/int being 1/2/4 bytes wide. Such code really should use int8/16/32_t instead (or StgInt/Word8/16/32). Do you think it's worth keeping these checks around for those cases?

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After the Apple nm debacle I was thinking that one can never be too certain when it comes to standards compliance. That being said, sizeof(uint8_t) != 1 is indeed diabolical. You are problem right, no one is that insane.

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