Added (more) missing instances for Identity and Const

Authored by duairc on Apr 2 2016, 1:23 PM.


  • Identity and Const now have Num, Real, Integral, Fractional, Floating, RealFrac and RealFloat instances
  • Identity and Const now have Bits and FiniteBits instances
  • Identity and Const now have IsString instances

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Fixed previous diff where I accidentally enabled DeriveDataTypeable unnecessarily in Data.Functor.Const

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Is there a Trac ticket for this? I personally don't have any objection to adding these instances, but given that this changes base's API (albeit very slightly), it might be best to have a Trac page for it (if nothing else, to notify the CLC).

In any case, there's some other things that need to be addressed:


Where is the IsString instance for Identity you claimed to add?


Is there a reason that this is chunked into three different parts? There are quite a few lines beginning with the phrase "Identity and Const now have"... I think it would be best to lump them together to make it clear they were all added in one go.

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it's also not clear if this has any chance to make it into base-4.9 being so late...

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It's in Data.Functor.Identity, in the deriving section. I would have done the same for Const, but I can't import Data.String from Data.Functor.Const, because Control.Applicative imports Const to re-export it, and Data.String transitively depends on Control.Applicative.


There's not really any real reason, I just it was better to group the Num hierarchy and the "Bits hierachy" classes in their own groupings. I can change this so that they're all on one line if you want.


That's okay. Should I start a new section 4.10 though? I wasn't sure what the best thing to do would be.

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Merged the all "Identity and Const" sections of the changelog.

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@ekmett and @nomeata, any objection to this from the CLC?

No objections from my side, although Edward has a better grasp of possible consequences and the general design.

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