Don't allowInterrupt inside uninterruptibleMask

Authored by bgamari on Aug 28 2014, 12:23 PM.



This fixes Trac #9516.

Test Plan

Review. In particular, we need to decide if we want to export interruptible from Control.Exception or not.

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LGTM. But:

  1. We should add a test. I imagine with a trivial example it should be easy to verify that allowInterrupt (the real bug) works properly now, no?
  2. Regarding bikeshedding on the exports: we already do export other mask-related facilities from Control.Exception, so adding another 'safe' export (vs unsafeMask) seems reasonable to me. Some other people should weigh in.

I'm adding @hvr and @ekmett to see if they have any input, re: point 2.

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Don't import unsafeUnmask.

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I have no objection to exporting interruptible.

It looks good to me.

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The test failures are benign, probably caused by @simonpj earlier I assume. It would still be good to have a test for this bug, though.

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Actually I'm not sure about interruptible, because it sidesteps the scoping we get with mask. The restore function passed to mask can only unmask exceptions if the enclosing context was unmasked, whereas interruptible as defined here unconditionally unmasks interrupts. Therefore it is unsafe, like unsafeUnmask but less so (it only punches a hole in mask, not uninterruptibleMask). So if we have it, it should have "unsafe" in its name.

edsko added a comment.Aug 28 2014, 4:00 PM

I don't insist on the name, of course. However, it seems to me that "punching a hole through mask" is precisely what "interruptible" means. When we say that takeMVar is interruptible, that is what we mean, I think?

(I came across the problem in the first place precisely because I wanted to be able to define my own interruptible resource allocation functions; see ).

Then again, I suppose it can be argued even takeMVar is dangerous and should really be called unsafeTakeMVar for the same reason :)

I don't mind either way.

Ok, I agree. Let's call it interruptible.

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It sounds like this is nearly ready to be merged. There are a few issues, however.


While we are at it, this markup is incorrect: it defines an anchor named "interruptible" where it should be referring to interruptible (which I believe should look like 'interruptible').


Is there any reason for this "(see #interruptible#)" note here? Aren't we currently seeing interruptible?

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Oops, never mind. I see.

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