Revert "Revert "rts/base: Fix #9423"" and resolve issue that caused the revert.

Authored by AndreasVoellmy on Aug 23 2014, 12:05 PM.



This reverts commit 4748f5936fe72d96edfa17b153dbfd84f2c4c053. The fix for Trac #9423
was reverted because this commit introduced a C function setIOManagerControlFd()
(defined in Schedule.c) defined for all OS types, while the prototype
(in includes/rts/IOManager.h) was only included when mingw32_HOST_OS is
not defined. This broke Windows builds.

This commit reverts the original commit and resolves the problem by only defining
setIOManagerControlFd() when mingw32_HOST_OS is defined. Hence the missing prototype
error should not occur on Windows.

In addition, since the io_manager_control_wr_fd field of the Capability struct is only
usd by the setIOManagerControlFd, this commit includes the io_manager_control_wr_fd
field in the Capability struct only when mingw32_HOST_OS is not defined.

Test Plan

Try to compile successfully on all platforms.

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  • Include of rts/IOManager.h is not needed for mingw32_HOST_OS.

This seems stalled, though I think it is ready. Is there anything I can do to help move this along?

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LGTM. I'm pushing this shortly...

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