Add -prelude-is flag

Authored by gibiansky on Aug 22 2014, 1:02 AM.


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Add the -prelude-is flag to specify the module to use instead of Prelude

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Should I added a test for this?

If so, where should that test go? I looked around but couldn't find a good place to put it.

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testsuite/tests/driver is a pretty normal place for tests


This type is wrong, it should just be a ModuleName...

3482 that you don't have to invent a fake package key here...


...and then ignore it when you read out preludeModIs.

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This certainly needs a section in the User's Guide.

How does this interact with all the built-in syntax that is defined in terms of the standard Prelude, such as numeric literals, do notation, list comprehensions, numeric literals in pattern matches, etc.? How does it interact with NoImplicitPrelude or RebindableSyntax?



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What is going on with this? There has been popular demand for this feature in the past and it appears that this diff just needs some documentation (and perhaps some consideration of the issues mentioned by @rwbarton). @gibiansky, are you still up for finishing this?

Check out the GHC trac page. There was more discussion there – it seemed like there were alternatives to this that removed the need for this patch.

Lovely. Would you mind abandoning the Diff in this case? I've been trying to triage some of these idle Diffs.

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It is unclear whether this feature is necessary or whether this would be the right way to implement it if it is necessary, so this diff is being abandoned.