OverloadedRecordFields magic constraint solving for HasField

Authored by adamgundry on Dec 22 2015, 11:54 AM.



This makes a start at implementing part 3 of the OverloadedRecordFields
trilogy (see https://ghc.haskell.org/trac/ghc/wiki/Records/OverloadedRecordFields/MagicClasses).
Only HasField has been done so far; updates need a bit more thought about
the design. Moreover, I've gone for the functional dependency version
as it seems simplest.

Rather than adding another special-purpose constructor to EvTerm, I made
it possible to embed arbitrary HsExprs in evidence. This should be useful
for typechecker plugins. But I can specialise it if needed.

Test Plan

some new tests added, more needed

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Is there an easier way to do this? It seems surprisingly hard work! But perhaps that's what I get for generating non-desugared expressions as evidence?

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Fix build and test more cases

  • Resolve module import loop by adding a new boot file :-(
  • Test interaction between HasField and DuplicateRecordFields
  • Solve HasField constraints involving data families
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  • Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into wip/hasfield
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What is the status of this, @adamgundry?

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In principle this is still awaiting review; I've been meaning to chase it up but have had lots of other things going on! I would particularly like feedback on:

  • whether to go ahead with the functional dependency version of HasField (see wiki page and ghc-users thread "Magic classes for Overloaded Record Fields, overlaps, FunDeps" for discussion); and
  • the approach to extending EvTerm with an arbitrary HsExpr, rather than a special case for HasField evidence (should this be a CoreExpr instead?).

In addition, I suspect this has bitrotted relative to HEAD slightly. I'll try to get it up to date and start moving again on the record update side.

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I've put together an updated implementation of this as D2708.