Fix infix record field fixity (#11167).

Authored by KaneTW on Dec 7 2015, 11:01 AM.


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Note that the ambiguous case is untested, as infix declarations for record fields are broken. Furthermore, this might not even be an issue without the rest of OverloadedRecordFields.

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Add same-fixity ambiguous test case

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you may want to clarify that comment... as the type-error is not desired :-)

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Clarify T11167.hs test case

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Thanks for sorting this out, looks good to me. We want DuplicateRecordFields to be usable in isolation, so it is worth doing. I'll see if I can correct infix declarations for record fields and test the ambiguous case more thoroughly.

I've created a new revision (D1600) incorporating these changes (apologies if this was the Wrong Thing to do on Phab...) that fixes up the remaining problems with infix fields.

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@KaneTW, it sounds like this has been superceded by D1600; perhaps you could abandon this Diff?

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Superseded by D1600