move Data.Functor.(Classes, Compose, Product, Sum) into base

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this is obviously a patch against transformers (rather than against ghc) which needs to be coordinated with upstream at

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Agree with @hvr, although we should probably figure out exactly what changes we're going to make in Phab:D1543 before opening a pull request against the transformers darcs repo.

Mirroring my comments here, we should backport the Data, Generic, and Generic1 instances that will be introduced in base. It'll involve some messy CPP hacks to get right, but Data.Functor.Identity in transformers provides an example of how to do it.

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There's also the question of what to do with the Data.Functor.Const that will be introduced in base. I'm tempted to backport it to transformers and deprecate Data.Functor.Constant, but this could be contentious, so I'd like to hear the opinions of @hvr and @ekmett first.

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We don't _really_ need to backport Data.Functor.Const as Control.Applicative's Const isn't going away and it can be pulled from there.

We'd merely be also exporting it in a manner consistent with the rest.

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These changes have been incorporated into transformers-0.5.