Fix Windows builds after D1242

Authored by olsner on Nov 19 2015, 12:46 PM.



Only use the merge_sections.ld linker script if SplitSections is enabled.

I thought I had a way to make the linker script actually work on Windows
and produce object files instead of image files (by using the "INSERT AFTER"
linker script command to get the default script's output format setting),
but that fix caused ghci to crash with an illegal instruction on startup.

Gave up and made a simpler fix of just disabling this for normal builds,
as it's only really relevant with SplitSections enabled anyway.

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Please rebase, the patch doesn't apply to master currently. Otherwise looks good.

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Rebased on new master.
(I don't see any other changes to this file that could cause a conflict though. Might have been an issue with copy-pasting patches into the web interface or something, so this time I tried uploading a diff file instead of copy-paste.)

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Hmm with no change to the actual linker script, wouldn't this still go wrong when SplitSections is turned on? Or is SplitSections not supported on Windows?

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The culprit is that -T replaces builtin script completely. When I merged i386pep.xr (this is a builtin for ld -r on windows, one can find it in /mingw64/x86_64-w64-mingw32/lib/ldscripts directory under msys2 distribution or by running ld -r --verbose) with merge_sections.ld (see here:

) all went OK, and now a COFF object file with merged sections is generated.

But as far as I can see released mingw-w64 binutils' ld still lacks --gc-sections support . OTOH, current master branch binutils has --gc-sections support for PE-COFF in. I'll try to check if all this works (if and when I have time).