Implement new CLZ and CTZ primops (re #9340)

Authored by hvr on Aug 11 2014, 1:49 PM.



This implements the new primops

clz#, clz32#, clz64#,
ctz#, ctz32#, ctz64#

which provide efficient implementations of the popular
count-leading-zero and count-trailing-zero respectively
(see testcase for a pure Haskell reference implementation).

On x86, NCG as well as LLVM generates code based on the BSF/BSR
instructions (which need extra logic to make the 0-case well-defined).

Test Plan

validate and succesful tests on i686 and amd64

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Does it also make sense to offer a 16-bit version or is there no corresponding instruction?

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If there's use, 16bit variants can be offered easily as well. See to get an idea what's supported at the HW level.

For the __builtin_c{t,l}z() fallbacks I'll have to workaround a bit, as those aren't provided for smaller types than int, bit the LLVM codegen happily supports generating code for 16bit and 8bit llvm.ct{l,t}z.*

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Will you also add the relevant things to Data.Bits?


I think it makes sense to support all hardware supported sizes. For example, unordered-containers happens to use 16-bit wide bitmasks. I doesn't need this particular instruction but you could imagine a case where it was needed and then it would be a shame to not have it.

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Implement also 8-bit and 16-bit variants; make unit-test smaller/faster

Yay! Build B424: Diff 342 (D144) has succeeded! Full logs available at F12546.

I just tested this on Solaris 11.1 and bootstrapping went fine and gmake TEST=T9340 also passes. Good work!

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