cnf: make use of the striped allocator

Authored by gcampax on Nov 4 2015, 11:31 AM.



To avoid pointer fixup when possible.
This completes the CNF merge, and is the last commit split up from

This depends on D1264 and D1434

Test Plan

validate (same tests as D1264)

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rGHC Glasgow Haskell Compiler
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Warninglibraries/compact/Data/Compact/Imp.hs:189TXT3Line Too Long
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Build 7565: GHC Patch Validation (amd64/Linux)
Build 7564: arc lint + arc unit
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(As this is dependent on D1264: Merge Compacts into GHC which needs some more work, I'm punting this out of the review queue. Please update/rebase when you're ready!)

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@DemiMarie Do you need this functionality because you are saving/loading compact regions?

@ezyang no, I just noticed this is a very old active revision.

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This will need significant reworking, it needs to be rebuilt on top of the support for NUMA in the block allocator. I'd be happy to advise if anyone is excited about reviving it.

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In light of this I'm going to mark this as abandoned.