RTS: add a striped allocator
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Authored by gcampax on Nov 4 2015, 11:28 AM.



The striped allocator divides the address space in one private
range and a number of chunks. The idea is that each process/machine
is assigned one chunk, and can allocate into other processes
into its own chunk at predictable addresses. This will be used
for O(1) importing of CNF.

This depends on D1264.

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(As this is dependent on D1264: Merge Compacts into GHC which needs some more work, I'm punting this out of the review queue. Please update/rebase when you're ready!)

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Just to note that this conflicts with another idea I'm working on - a NUMA-aware allocator - which is also modelled by having multiple free lists in the block allocator.

Here's the NUMA diff: D2199

There's a lot of overlap; I've also added multiple free lists to the block allocator. I don't think there's a fundamental conflict, though, in fact many of the changes are identical. If we have a general concept of "multiple memory pools", then both concepts can be built from the same pieces, but I don't yet have a good understanding of how the striped allocator works.

@gcampax any thoughts?