base: Add new Control.Monad.Fail module

Authored by hvr on Nov 2 2015, 7:40 AM.



This is based on David's initial patch augmented by more extensive
Haddock comments.

This has been broken out of D1248 to reduce the size of D1248
by splitting it into smaller logical pieces.

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Here's how the Haddocs currently render:

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This should have a module header block to be consistent with a lot of our other modules (like Data.Bifunctor).

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In general it looks good to me, except we never explicitly talked about adding MonadFail as a default export to Control.Monad or Prelude in this release.

Given the lengthened timeline it might be better to warn about the fact that they are coming into base next release than to take symbols now?

My proposal would be to remove the re-exports of MonadFail (sans method) from Prelude and Control.Monad, add a warning that they are going to be added, and then bring them in in 8.2 or so.

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  • add boilerplate module header
  • drop re-exports from Prelude/Control.Monad again
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@ekmett while delaying the re-export is no big deal, I wonder if there's really anybody out there who would get a nameclash with the MonadFail *class* name, and whom this cautionary measure benefits :-)

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drop now longer true comment from Haddock

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Turns out that w/o the re-export we need to qualify MonadFail too

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Finally, a changelog entry is nice to have...

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I too suspect that nobody would be affected in practice, but no point giving a pretext for someone to cry foul.

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Looks good to me.

When I wrote this as part of the MFP implementation, I was wondering about the INLINE pragmas in the default MonadFail implementations. They seem pretty redundant, since given the size of the functions GHC should easily be able to decide whether to inline the definitions or not.