x86: Always generate add instruction in MO_Add2 (#9013)

Authored by rwbarton on Aug 10 2014, 1:26 PM.


Test Plan
  • ran validate
  • ran T9013 test with all ways
  • ran CarryOverflow test with all ways, for good measure

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I am eager to fix Trac #9013 not just for its own sake but also because I intend to implement x86-specific code generation for addIntC# and subIntC# using the overflow flag. (In my small Integer addition microbenchmark I get around a 6% speedup.) That code will be similar to the code for plusWord2# and subject to the same issue.

Also, there is quite a lot of code duplication between genCCall32 and genCCall64. I would be happy to look into factoring out the common parts in a separate commit.

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I intend to add SUB_CC and perhaps MUL_CC in the future, if that helps explain the placement of this constructor.

Actually, the refactoring of genCCall looks quite trivial. Please hold off on this, I will do the refactoring first and then revise this revision.

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Rebased on top of genCCall code deduplication

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Yeah, I think this is the best (least worst) way to fix the problem.


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