rts: Make MBLOCK_SPACE_SIZE dynamic

Authored by bgamari on Oct 22 2015, 2:31 PM.



Previously this was introduced in D524 as a compile-time constant. Sadly, this isn't flexible
enough to allow for environments where ulimits restrict the maximum
address space size (see, for instance, Trac #10877).

Consequently, we are forced to make this dynamic. In principle this
shouldn't be so terrible as we can place both the beginning and end
addresses within the same cache line, likely incurring only one or so
additional instruction in HEAP_ALLOCED.

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Suggest putting these in a struct with enough padding to fill up a cache line. We really really don't want these sharing a cache line with anything else. See GCThread.h where we play similar tricks.

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Prevent false sharing

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Looks good to go.

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Seems fine to me, maybe after this we can add an RTS option to control it as well for more explicit scenarios (aside from what D1405 offers).

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