Ad-hoc class method deprecations
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Authored by quchen on Sep 29 2015, 4:57 PM.



Warn when a class implements a method that is to be removed in the future.

A more general mechanism of achieving this would be by introducing e.g. a REMOVED pragma, but since the 8.0 release is somewhat close the hardcoded ad-hoc version will have to do for the time being.

To do:

  • Write tests
  • Fix warnings in GHC
  • Flesh out warnings, link to wiki article with details about fixing them (e.g. don't implement *> in terms of >>)
  • Figure out how to be two versions bootstrap compatible

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I mean, it looks fine, but at the minimum it needs some tests so we can actually confirm it's building/working in a good way. The rest can be iteratively improved upon with a few more review cycles, but overall I'm OK with the hardcoded approach for now.


A++, thanks for the comments!

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The patch is a bit on hold right now until the heated discussion about the changes this is supposed to help with comes to some sort of conclusion. But yes, tests are definitely something left open. Another issue is that GHC warns quite a bit during bootstrapping, and fixing those warnings is too boring to do it speculatively. Let's see where the discussions are headed!

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Add the patch I've had lying around forever that includes a test

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Bumping out of review queue due to inactivity.

@quchen, do you envision continuing this work?

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@bgamari well, this patch ad-hoc deprecations are tailored towards MRP whose decision has been punted. At this point it makes more sense to generalise this patch to instead implement

I've got some unfinished patch for handling the parsing part, but what's missing is the part on how to pass-thru the information to the renamer (where this patch sits).

What @hvr said. We'll probably be able to use this patch to implement the generalized version though, but I'm not sure what the workflow for this is - close this diff? Leave it hanging around for documentation purposes? Delete it?

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