Workaround for #10826, forbid annotations when Safe Haskell safe mode is enabled.

Authored by KaneTW on Sep 6 2015, 5:57 PM.



For now, this fails compliation immediately with an error.
If desired, this can be a warning that annotations in Safe Haskell are ignored.

Signed-off-by: David Kraeutmann <>

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Fix stage 1 compilation with -Werror

Note that I didn't check whether the compiler is inferring safety. So the following two modules

module Test (hook) where

import System.IO.Unsafe

{-# ANN hook (unsafePerformIO (putStrLn "Woops.")) #-}
hook = undefined

and Safe.hs:

{-# LANGUAGE Safe #-}
module Test2 where
import Test

compiled using ghc Safe.hs
produce "Woops." even with the patch.

I decided that if safe compilation is desired, the user will pass -XSafe to the compiler. If the above is a problem I'll make it ignore annotations when inferring safety, too.

When compiling with -XTrustworthy or -XUnsafe, the user asserts that the code is safe respectively unsafe, so annotations don't have to be blocked.

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In D1226#34211, @KaneTW wrote:

produce "Woops." even with the patch.

But then compilation failed? If it fails in the end, I agree that this is fine behavior.

Looks like a great patch. Many thanks!


ptext . sLit is used only for historical reasons these days. Prefer just text, which has the same type (String -> SDoc) as ptext . sLit.


The word "annotation" may be misconstrued here. I would add (that is, the <literal>{-# ANN ... #-}</literal> directive) to clarify.

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LGTM too!

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@goldfire didn't manage to fix the two issues before the commit got pushed, but i'll take note for the future. Mostly saw ptext . sLit used everywhere, so I continued using it. Maybe make a lint rule that triggers on that when pushing a diff (Not sure if Phab's lint can do that).

I'm not sure if compilation fails. I'll take a look. I think it's fine either way, since nothing is stopping an untrusted or safety inferred module from modifying GHC internals -- the guide on safe compilation explicitly mentions passing -XSafe on the command line. Having to require no annotations for safety inferred code might be a bit too much.