Use Cxt for deriving clauses in TH (#10819)

Authored by bgamari on Sep 1 2015, 10:26 PM.



Deriving clauses in the TH representations of data, newtype, data
instance, and newtype instance declarations previously were just [Name],
which didn't allow for more complex derived classes, eg. multi-parameter

This switches out [Name] for Cxt, representing the derived classes as
types instead of names.

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Did you mean for this to be here?

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Oh dear, no I did not. That's from when I was experimenting with bypassing Safe Haskell (Trac #10826). Looks like I saved it in the wrong directory.

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Please rebase this patch onto current master, so it can be validated.

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@spinda, do you think you could rebase this?

edit: oops, looks like @thomie already asked. Take your time.

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Fix TH

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@goldfire, any last requests on this?

No. Ship it!

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