Use isTrue# around primitive comparisons in integer-gmp

Authored by rwbarton on Jul 23 2015, 10:52 PM.



The form

case na# ==# nb# of
  0# -> ...
  _  -> ...

sometimes generates convoluted assembly, see Trac #10676.
timesInt2Integer was the most spectacular offender, especially as
it is a rather cheap function overall (no calls to gmp).

I checked a few instances and some of the old generated assembly
was fine already, but I changed them all for consistency. The new
form is also more consistent with use of these primops in general.

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I assume you've tested this with the "quickest" build-type as well? (there was some brittleness due to pattern-match failures not being optimised away with low optimisation... and in integer-gmp we can't have pattern-match failures)


Btw, if we've got the luxury of Bool anyway, we can just as well use if/then/else, or in this case

  | isTrue# (szq# ># 1#)   = (indexWordArray# ba# (szq# -# 1#)) `neWord#` 0##
  | True                   = 1#

I only used case because I assumed going through Bools would be overhead... which is kinda ironic, given Trac #10676

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Use guards in isNorm#

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I didn't realize that was a potential issue, but I have tested with quickest now. I guess even an unoptimizing GHC knows about the law of the excluded middle :)

Of course, could also change all the True to _ if it should be necessary.


Yes, this is nicer and it's the style used in the rest of the file.

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ok... and what about the other case (_ :: Bool) of { False -> ... ; True -> } above this chunk ? :-)

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You mean all the other hunks of the diff? They're not in positions that lend themselves to guards (otherwise I guess they would have been guards already), and I wasn't inclined to rearrange as much code as converting to if/then/else would require.

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